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Human Resources Services

Hiring your next candidate begins with determining the right strategy. Let Agence Carrières’ experts guide you through a solid selection process.

Agence Carrières specializes in the search and submission of prodigious candidates for your mandates categorized as ” Impossible ” to fill. Simply put, by leveraging databases, technology and extensive employment funnels, our thorough battle-tested selection processes allow us to identify candidates with maximal compatibility with your criteria, and to select those whose psychological profile fit your company for maximal retention.

We don't provide employees, we provide the ideal candidate for the ideal job.

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Agence Carrières Is Leveraging Its Experience And Network Into New Activities

Using in-depth knowledge of the human resources sector, we are now extending our platform into sourcing and posting. Contact us so you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to test it in alpha phase: you will access the services for free and will be in direct contact with us to give your suggestions for a platform that suits your needs and wants. Simply create an "Employer" account and contact Agence Carrières through the dedicated link in your dashboard.

Job Posting

The right candidate is always a willing one. Show your open jobs and let the ideal candidate come to you.

  • A company page showing all your open jobs on a single page without competition and describing all the advantages of joining your team.
  • A featured listings showing at the top of every relevant researches.
  • A direct messaging link with everyone interested.
  • A direct and free access to all the curriculum information shared through your listing.
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+1 (514) 375 - 6178
4035 rue St-Ambroise, suite 415, Montréal, H4C 2E1

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