We accept meetings by appointment only.

We believe in a
human approach.

Companies trust us to help their teams grow. And candidates choose us for our wide variety of positions.

Why does Agence
Carrières exist ?

Our purpose is to enable professionals to find the right company and vice versa. We know how important it is to have qualified and reliable employees, but above all happy to be part of a working team. This makes all the difference.

We have therefore developed a methodology that combines technology and humanism to meet your recruitment needs.
On one hand, we use an ATS to target the right profiles for your team and on the other hand, we have a dedicated and experienced team to target the right asset for your company. There is no such thing as a human approach to recruitment.

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and mission.

Agence Carrières is a complete solution for our clients, allowing them to entrust us with all or part of their recruitment process. We are committed to serving our clients and candidates in the most efficient and humane manner possible to help them achieve their goals.

Our mission is to radically simplify your recruitment and job search process. Professionals and companies can rely on our knowledge. We deliver on this promise by being the solution to the most common recruitment problems.

Agence Carrières has become a recruitment firm known for its expertise in the field of headhunting. The growth and strength of our agency is largely based on word of mouth, which has developed through our dedication to solving the problems of
our clients and candidates.


Roger Thauvette

Partner / Human Resources Manager

Aziz Benidir

Partner / General Manager

Coritza Serrano

Talent Acquisition Consultant

David Simoneau

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Keresa Sivaplan

Talent Acquisition Consultant

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