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Management auditor

CPA Accountant

Head Accountant

Financial Controller

Financial Director


Director In Certification

Tax accountant

Accounting Technician

Accounting Clerk

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Office Manager

Data Entry Clerk

Administrative Coordinator



Customer Service Agent

Call Center Agent

Senior Account Executive

Assistant Account Manager

Placement Broker


General Insurance Agent

Property & Casualty Insurance Technical Assistant

Damage Insurance Broker – Services / Renewal

Damage Insurance Broker – Sales

Property and casualty insurance broker – Enterprise / SME

Property Manager

Property Manager

Condominium manager

Rental Agent

Sales Assistant



Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Supervisor

Building Maintenance Worker


CNC Machinist



Electronic technician

Driver Class 1, 3 and delivery driver

Labourer / Handler


Industrial Mechanic

Electrical technician

Agence Carrières, your trusted partner.

Our in-depth knowledge of the different sectors, our methodology, our results and above all our passion. This makes us the easy choice for your recruitment.

A straightforward

1. Define your ideal profile.

The first step.

The one that will condition the success of all the others. We define the type of profile you are looking for that will fit your team. Together, this is where we will establish the prerequisites. We specify the type of degree the talent must have, years of experience, skills and much more.

With the criteria we have selected together, we will write your job offer. We will clearly indicate your company’s needs, the profile of the candidate sought, the requirements of the position and set a deadline for applications. We use several tools to help us achieve our goal, such as a TTY, social networks and our database.

2. Sort out the applications.

La sélection des candidatures.

Knowledge is essential and details are important. It is at this stage that we sort out the applications we have received for your company.

We then separate the applications into 3 categories:

1. Those we eliminate directly.
2. The ones we keep for the posted position.
3. Those that do not meet all the criteria, but have potential
in your company.

3. Evaluate the candidates.

Our meeting with the candidates.

It is time to meet the candidates. Our detailed interviews enable us to find the best employees who match the company’s culture, qualifications and long-term compatibility. This guarantees a successful placement. Our experienced recruiters are used to working confidentially and quickly. We understand the needs of our clients and candidates.

We then run a background check on each candidate. The secret of successful organisations is to employ reliable and qualified staff. Our clients trust us to check the background of every candidate we present to them.

4. Choose your ideal candidate.

Your meeting with the candidates.

We present you with a selection of profiles that demonstrate interpersonal skills and an ability to thrive within your team and environment. This is where you have to make a choice.

Ps. We know that all the candidates we are proposing are great, but you have to make a choice.

5. Conduct follow-up on hiring.

A guarantee on your employment.

At Agence Carrières, we offer you a placement guarantee. You are given a deadline. If the candidate does not fit the dynamics of your company, no problem. We will place him or her in a suitable position and find the right person for you.

profile service.

The NOVA profile is a psychometric tool based on the work of the three great psychologists C. Jung, E. Spranger and W. M. Marston. “Designed to better know yourself and better understand others. These insights form the basis for advanced learning and stimulate self-awareness, relational effectiveness, and personal and organizational development.”

It can be used for many applications: Coaching (executive, business, life, etc.)

Personal growth
Team synergy
Career orientation

Contact us now to learn more about this service, we are certified Le Profil Nova (swissnova.com).

Individual profile

  • Becoming self-aware
  • Playing on your strengths and understanding their scope
  • Understand what holds you back and motivates you

Team profile

  • Become aware of others. To get an overview of your team’s strengths and limitations.
  • Limit conflicts by highlighting differences in perception and speaking the same language.
  • Understand the source of your pleasures and frustrations. To highlight the fundamental differences between each team member

Hire with confidence. Let us find you the perfect match.