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Agence Carrières makes the difference between finding a new job and finding the right job.

Choosing Agence Carrières is the opportunity to find the best job offers and to build your future within a company that shares your values.

Recruitment agency or employment agency?

A recruitment agency (such as Agence Carrières) is responsible for the external hiring process to fill its clients’ positions. In other words, we are looking for qualified candidates for companies. You are never our employee. Once you have been hired by a company, you are an integral part of it.

An employment agency hires you as their employee and sends you to work for a short or long term assignment in one or more companies. Once the assignment is over, the company assigns you to another job.

At Agence Carrières, we have opted for the first approach. Once hired, you become an integral part of your new organisation. We prefer to give you the choice to develop over the long term with a company that is like you.

All you have to do is apply to one of our job offers.