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Tips for returning to a previous job

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There are many reasons why you might consider returning to an old job. Perhaps you changed jobs and realized you were happier at your old company. Or maybe you’ve been traveling for a while and want to get back to your old job. According to a Monster study, 72% of people who leave their jobs regret it. So you’re not alone in considering returning to work for a former employer. However, before you decide, we have some advice for you. These tips will help you make an informed choice and return to work on the right foot.

Weigh the pros and cons

You left your last job for specific reasons. Sometimes they are positive, like a move or going back to school. But sometimes they’re a little more negative. Like a hostile work environment, lack of work-life balance, or not getting along with a supervisor. So you want to make sure, before you return to a position, that the reasons you left are no longer relevant and won’t affect your return. To do this, have an honest conversation with your former employer. Ask how things have changed or what strategies have been put in place to make things change. If, after weighing the pros and cons, you feel there are more benefits to returning to that company, then go for it.

Negotiate your working conditions

If your former boss wants you to come back to work for him or her, you are in a strong position. The company needs you and negotiating your working conditions is a matter of course. When we say negotiate, we mean negotiate everything: your salary, your benefits, your roles and responsibilities. Laying your cards on the table and saying what you want sets the tone for your future at this company. It gives you the best chance of staying with the company for the long term and being happier there. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

On the other hand, if you were the one who contacted your former boss. The approach should not change. Negotiate everything. When you left, you probably went to work for another company. You have gained more experience, more skills, and that is worth its weight in gold. Don’t be afraid to negotiate your terms. Remember that salary is not the only thing that matters. You can negotiate for a better office, more vacation time, or more telecommuting days. Determine what is important to you.

Reconnect with your colleagues

The fact that you’ve left and are returning to your old job can sometimes be perceived poorly by your colleagues. They may question your loyalty to the company or wonder if you were taken back because you were the boss’ favorite. You want to have a conversation with them. You don’t need to explain in detail why you want to come back or why you came back to work for this company. But it’s always good to have a moment with them to talk. That way, you will control the narrative and create the right atmosphere.

Adapt to change

A business is constantly changing. While you were away, there were probably changes. Keep yourself informed and find out what has changed since you left. There may have been a restructuring or organizational changes. Take the time to learn the new ways of working and be open to new things.

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