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Here’s how to stand out in your new job in just 30 days

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Starting a new job can be stressful. Being the new person in a workplace isn’t always easy. Especially if you’re the only person joining the team. It’s always easier when you’re a group of new people joining the company or if you’re a so-called extrovert. Introverts often have a harder time adapting to a new environment. 

In today’s article, we will teach you the principles of starting a new job on the right foot. You’ll be able to successfully break into the company in just 30 days and feel comfortable quickly. These strategies work regardless of personality type, whether you are starting out on your own or as part of a group of newbies.

1. Establish a game plan with your boss

When you start a new job, it’s important to get on the same page with your employer. Set up a meeting with them to discuss your goals and set a timeline. Since you are on probation for a few months, you want to have this “roadmap” that you can always refer to to see what your plans are and where you are at. Follow up with your employer every week or two to keep them informed of your progress. Most importantly, stay open to all of their comments and suggestions.

Do you know why this is a great strategy? Because when you start a new job, you don’t know what criteria you will be evaluated on at the end of your probationary period. But now you know exactly what your boss expects of you. Therefore, you are in a position to exceed his expectations.

2. Integrate yourself socially into the company

Your workplace is where you spend most of your time. There is nothing more boring than working in an environment where you don’t know anyone or have any affinity with your colleagues. It is well known that employees who connect with others are more likely to be happy and stay at their jobs longer. In the more difficult times at work, you will always have the support and help of your peers. 

Plus, socializing with your co-workers early on helps you transition from being the new kid on the block to a more familiar face. Employers are not only evaluating your performance on the job, but also how well you fit in with the company. Set yourself apart by becoming an integral part of the team.

3. Offer your ideas and suggestions (go to meetings and share your knowledge)

Get involved in any way you can. Your employer wants to hear your ideas. They hired you to help them improve their business. Your ideas and suggestions are important to them. During meetings, don’t be afraid to speak up. Whether your proposals are approved or not is not the point. The most important thing is that you are unique, that you bring different points of view and that this is how a company can grow.

You have also been hired to solve a bigger problem. Your role is not just to be an accountant or an engineer, for example. Management hired you because there was a problem they couldn’t solve internally. Ask your manager what one of the key issues they are facing is and think about how you can help. You’ll see, the fact that you are contributing to the company’s development will be greatly appreciated and noticed.

4. Be proactive (always offer to help others)

There is nothing worse than a new employee who has nothing to do and is just sitting around. If there is a slack period, which there certainly will be, be proactive. 

When you can’t find anything to do related to your direct position, you can ask your colleagues how you can help them and make their day easier. One way to help them is to improve the company’s processes. Once you have learned the various work procedures, you can participate in making them easier to use. For example, you might decide to write down these work processes. This could even be helpful to your employers in training future employees like you. This is just one of the many ideas you can implement during a time when there is less work.

An employee who does his or her job well will not be noticed as much as an employee who takes initiative and provides solutions. By offering to help others, you will distinguish yourself as an excellent employee. An employee your bosses will want to keep.

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