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Can an employment agency help me find a job?

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Looking for a new job takes time and can be stressful. Whether you are already employed or re-entering the workforce, it’s the same for everyone. It takes hours, days, or even weeks to find a job that interests you. Especially if you search on job boards, company career pages and social media. These are very competitive places. Many candidates even apply to more than 100 jobs before they get a return.  

But did you know that there is an alternative? Increasingly popular with candidates, placement agencies will save you a lot of time. Not only do they help you find a job that fits you quickly, but they also guide you through the hiring process. From improving your resume to negotiating your salary.

Before we look at the benefits that a staffing agency has to offer, let’s first look at the difference between staffing agencies and recruitment agencies.

Placement agency vs. recruitment agency

Sometimes candidates confuse a staffing agency with a recruiting agency, and that’s okay. The name is similar, but the two agencies have different functions. Recruitment agencies are in the business of hiring candidates and sending them on temporary assignments to companies. 

While placement agencies are mandated by companies to find them employees. Often, these companies do not have in-house human resources and prefer to call upon a competent agency to find candidates for them. You are never employed by a placement agency. Once you are hired, you are an integral part of your new company and it is 100% free of charge for you.

Placement agencies work for you (expedited recruitment)

When you apply for a job through a staffing agency, not only do the recruiters send your resume to the company you are interested in. But they also work to get you hired quickly. Recruitment agencies know how to present your profile and know how to position you as the best candidate. They are able to convince the company to hire you because they know their clients’ needs perfectly. Having a recruitment agency on your side means having someone who will know how to enhance your resume and get you the job you want.

They help you throughout the recruitment process (career guide)

Employment agencies are specialized in certain sectors of activity. They know what it takes to help you get the job you want. To optimize your application, if necessary, they will help you perfect your resume, prepare for interviews and more. Think of them as your career coaches. They will help you stand out.

In an agency, you have more job opportunities (many positions offered)

Agencies have several mandates with several companies. In general, their job offers are exclusive. You will not find these job offers anywhere else. Note that when you apply via their website or send your spontaneous application, you are registered in their database. What is your advantage? Every time a job description matches your profile, they send you a new job offer directly. While you only applied for one job, you now find yourself with several opportunities. That’s what we call time saving. Recruiters work for you.

Employment agencies are there to protect your interests (salary negotiations)

Negotiating to get you better benefits and a better salary is an art that recruiters have mastered. They know how much you’re worth in the marketplace and how to make sure you get what you deserve. 

Be aware that 71% of employees don’t even negotiate their salary because they are afraid or uncomfortable doing so. So, for this reason alone, having an employment agency on your side pays off. It could mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket. And their service is 100% free to you.

If I were you, I would take advantage of their service and send my resume to one of these agencies today. We are one of them.

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