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Their experience with Agence Carrière

A pleasure to work with the career agency team. Quality service and very accessible in terms of communication.

The team's dedication and hard work are commendable.
Special thanks to Roger Thauvette.

I enjoyed the collaboration.

Lutchmee Gonga Podans
HR Consultant | Bélanger Laminés Inc.

We've been lucky enough to work with Agence Carrieres & Roger on several recruitment mandates. Roger takes the time to understand your needs, then quickly identifies qualified candidates. He is very professional and always listens to his customers.

Faycal Bouaouina
Partner, Shortkut

Recruitment agency or employment agency?

A recruitment agency, such as Agence Carrières, handles the external hiring process to fill its clients’ vacancies. In other words, we take care of finding qualified candidates for your company. Selected candidates never become employees of our agency. Once hired by your company, they become an integral part of your team.

An employment agency, on the other hand, hires workers and assigns them as its employees to short- or long-term assignments with various companies. At the end of each assignment, we reposition the worker to another project or position. At Agence Carrières, we follow the first method. We make it easy for you to recruit candidates who, once hired, will become integral members of your company. Our strategy is to help you build a stable team for long-term growth within a company that shares your values and objectives.

Why does Agence

Our purpose is to enable professionals to find the right company and vice versa. We know how important it is to have qualified and reliable employees, but above all happy to be part of a working team. This makes all the difference.

We have therefore developed a methodology that combines technology and humanism to meet your recruitment needs.

On one hand, we use an ATS to target the right profiles for your team and on the other hand, we have a dedicated and experienced team to target the right asset for your company. There is no such thing as a human approach to recruitment.

Their experience with Agence Carrière

Roger runs what is, in my opinion, one of the best recruitment agencies in the industry with great professionalism. Personalized service, attentiveness and thoroughness at every stage of the process, and above all...what results! Agence Carrières has helped us make several high-quality hires for specialized positions. Roger, Aziz and their team give their 100% every time, and it's great to see.

P.S. 2 years and half a dozen hires later, and I'm still just as satisfied! The employees are still there and performing better than ever.

Elian Sanchez
President, Six communications

We've been working closely with Roger Thauvette of Agence Carrieres for about a year now, and I've been very impressed with their service and knowledge of the recruitment and general insurance sector. We hired a large number of brokers opposite Roger & his agency. We work very well with his company, because he understands our needs.

We continue to work with them on a regular basis. We've used several firms in the past, but now we only use Agence Carrieres for our Montreal and Quebec offices.

Rony Rokach
Branch Manager, AON Reed Stenhouse

As a multi-entrepreneur & growing company, it's important to surround yourself with the right people, and agence carrieres was able to recruit the right people for the job. No fewer than 7 employees were able to join my organizations in 2018, thanks to the attentiveness, understanding and availability of the Carrieres agency team. Thanks to them for their help

Eric Lamarche
President, Lanerco

More than 50 candidates have been recruited by Carrieres agencies! Thank you for your professionalism.

Roger is a person who strives to exceed expectations!
I highly recommend it to all companies looking for candidates at the administrative/call center/approvals officer level, etc. (office automation field).

Roger is very attentive to his customers' needs!

Melissa Elia
Director of Operations, Alterfina

Gone are the days of high percentage fees, we're now moving towards hourly billing...

With an average of 36 to 72 hours billed per mandate, depending on the type of role, this represents an average average savings of 35% to 60% compared compared to the industry.

Our recruitment strategists adopt a collaborative & comprehensive approach with our customers. They take charge of the entire recruitment cycle, from writing the job description to signing the job offer.